Broco Supply will purchase your Overstock, Buy backs, Freight Damage, Insurance Claims, Liquidation, Bank & Bankruptcy Liquidations, 2nd's or Surplus Inventory to help alleviate your cash flow problem

So how do you start? Its simple! All you have to do is contact us about your overstock excess inventory and we will do the rest. Broco Supply researches the market daily, so you can be guaranteed you will receive the highest fair market value for your inventory. No lot is too small or too big. We are here to help.


Simple! We Buy Your EXCESS INVENTORY and pay you Cash!

Why sell now?

The truth is, your first loss is your best loss. Inventory that sits around takes up valuable expensive inventory space, and depreciates in value on a daily basis. By selling your excess overstock downfall inventory, you can use the cash generated to create new profitable business or pay off costly debts.

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Our staff has over 60 years of experience in wholesale & retail commodities.

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Professional & fast results from our purchasing team helps you get more cash for your inventory

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Our Testimonials

  • My business was closing down after 20 years in business because I wanted to retire. I didn't want to deal with liquidating or bulking out my remaining inventory, I wanted to go to Florida as soon as possible! Broco Supply arrived and took care of everything. Not only did they buy my inventory, they paid me for all my computers, desks, shelving, forklifts and business equipment. I walked away with cash and they did all the work! I cant thank them enough.

  • I didn't have the customer base to sell my bone yard of windows. I contacted Broco Supply to see if they would buy the windows so I could free up warehouse space and bring in some much needed cash. They were picked up in 2 days and wire transferred upon pickup.

  • My customer backed out of a container of moulding. My line of credit payment was fast approaching and had to turn the inventory fast. Broco Supply bought it at fair market price and I eliminated a huge headache!

Are you ready to part with that slow moving inventory and fix your cash flow bottom line?

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