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About Broco Supply, Inc.

Broco Supply is a multi-channel surplus liquidation service.

Mission Statement

To provide a multi-channel surplus liquidation service utilizing the power of the Internet, coupled with live auction and business-to-business sales, creating a complete solution to move obsolete, distressed or overstock merchandise quickly and effectively for our clients.




In 1992 two brothers Howard and Randy Hirsch founded Broco Inc. (Brother Company Incorporated.) Under this corporate umbrella, traded, Equipment Liquidators Warehouse Auction Company. Well-known locally as the premier Auction Company for commercial liquidations, Broco Inc. enjoyed high profile clients such as TCYB, Bonanza and Ponderosa, as well as dozens of other national and local businesses. Broco, Inc. was based out of a 40,000 Sq. Ft. building in Harrisburg, PA. Buyers would come to this facility to purchase non-auctioned surplus goods creating a retail division named "The Big Ugly Warehouse". Within 3 years this location grew into five locations nationally.

In the mid-nineties with the need to locate more merchandise, The Hirsch Brothers formed a brokerage company called, "Broco Supply" whose sole mission was to locate and purchase surplus merchandise to supply the outlet locations. This company eventually moved to a 90,000 Sq. Ft. location in Mechanicsburg PA. This facility allowed Broco to create a value-add division. Due to the abundance of surplus door components, a door assembly shop was created with the capabilities of producing 10,000 pre-hung doors per month. Broco Supply began selling these doors and brokering all types of merchandise from business to business. This led to the importing and selling container loads of product from Canada, China, South America and South Africa.

In 2001 to capture online sales opportunities, the Hirsch's created an online sales division. Broco ventured into EBay, Amazon, and developed proprietary software and sites to streamline the process of both listing, tracking and selling merchandise online.

In 2006, wanting to focus on commercial liquidations, Broco Inc., sold off its "Big Ugly Warehouse" retail division. Since then Broco has increased sales and profitability in all aspects of its company.

Through the years Broco has created a solid network of both buyers and sellers who have benefitted from a solid relationship since Broco's inception. Each business deal is conducted with Broco's core values in mind: the transaction works fairly, ethically, and profitably for all parties involved.

Innovating Technology

Innovating Technology

In this rapidly changing time of new technology, Broco is creating groundbreaking new sales and marketing channels. One of which is a program to network reputable onsite auction companies across the nation, whereby products are consigned for auction sale. This program tracks success of products and distributes it to the most effective auction facility. Currently our in-house Ecommerce department is in development of revolutionary new technologies that will change the face of sales and distribution in the industry. The Hirsch Brothers believe that user-friendly websites with the ability to track and organize information for future sales is the key to success in e-commerce. Join our mailing list to learn about new technologies, as they are unveiled.

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