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What Broco Supply Buys

We have the buying power and experience to procure ALL your unwanted merchandise.

Broco Supply has the buying power and experience to procure your unwanted merchandise. We are able to give you the highest possible price for your inventories because we have the expertise to evaluate and determine a best course of action for the sale of the product. In many cases we may have an immediate buyer giving us the ability to reduce our risk and increase the dollar you will receive for your goods.

When we procure your product it may be sold as a bulk sale direct ship, brought into the warehouse for pallet or Internet sales, distributed to live auctions, or any combination of the above. In any case we would abide by any restrictions set forth within the sales agreement.

In addition, we have a value-add division within our company to purchase your unassembled parts and components. Broco Supply may complete and assemble the products in-house to prepare them for sale.

Our Buying Expertise

Broco’s expertise includes: overstocks, bankruptcy liquidations, chain store sell down, insurance and manufacturing buy-backs, freight claims, inventory reductions, b-grade and bone yard merchandise, demerged containers and more.

We have worked with many businesses from Fortune 500 Companies to individual retail outlets and include the small independent business, multi-chain stores and large and small manufacturers and distributors. Our purchases range from large liquidations to small quantity acquisitions.

Reverse Logistics

We provide Reverse Logistics in multiple ways. We buy product at a percent on the dollar or standard with commission. We contract all return product to us at a predetermined percent on the dollar or accumulate, organize and resell for manufacturer or distributor via commission. Our ability to value-add, by doing final assembly and/or combined packaging is a key advantage we incorporate in the resale of products we buy.

You can rest assured that each business deal is conducted with Broco’s core values in mind: the transaction works fairly, ethically, and profitably for all parties involved

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The Broco Supply Sales Staff

Meet Our Staff

Meet our friendly and experienced staff. They will help you sell or buy your product, giving you the best advice on how to maximize your return.

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