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How Broco Supply Sells Products

Our unique way of diversifying the sales field creates a best-case scenario for each liquidation.

Broco utilizes an in-depth system of multiple distribution channels to most effectively liquidate merchandise at the highest price. Our unique way of diversifying the sales field creates a best-case scenario for each liquidation. But, what gives Broco it’s unique edge is it’s ability to keep up with the changing times of transportation, the economy, and supply and demand. Broco is constantly creating new cutting-edge sales technology to keep us ahead of competitors. 

Some of these outlets include:

Internet: A network of sales outlets on the internet is applied to sell on a retail level including Broco's own site:

In addition, Broco Supply utilizes ebay and Amazon to diversify and increase SEM (search engine marketing) and SEO (search engine optimization) efforts. With a staff of programmers and designers, Broco Supply can quickly add these products to the web.

B2B Sales: The Broco team believes that relationships are everything. Over the past 20 years, our team has created an immense network of trusted buyers and sellers worldwide. With a high-tech marketing strategy, Broco is able to quickly and efficiently get the word out about sales opportunities.

Auction: Broco has two licensed auctioneers on-site to assist in management of their unique auction process. With the ability to auction any product live or online, we find it to be most effective to diversify the product to many auctions nationally thereby keeping the value high even when it comes to redundancy of product. Our company has partnerships with several auction facilities around the country, shipping numerous truckloads of surplus on a regular basis. By using our custom in-house tracking program to view product history at these locations, we can maximize our profit by selectively picking product known to do well at a specific auction location, thereby maximizing the return.

We are confident that you will find that Broco Supply, Inc., is the best choice for a high yield return for any business or product liquidation.

The Broco Supply Sales Staff

Meet Our Staff

Meet our friendly and experienced staff. They will help you sell or buy your product, giving you the best advice on how to maximize your return.

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