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Meet the Broco Supply Staff

Meet our friendly and experienced staff. They will help you sell or buy your product, giving you the best advice on how to maximize your return.

Sales Staff

Jordan Bock
Jordan Bock

Title: Sales & Purchasing Manager
Cell: (717) 648-5641

Meet Jordan
Scott Kohler
Scott Kohler

Title: Sales Associate
Cell: (717) 801-7347

Meet Scott
Dan Brightbill
Dan Brightbill

Title: Purchasing/Sales
Cell: (717) 648-9067

Meet Dan

Supporting Staff

Steve Ferron
Steve Ferron

Title: Kitchen Design & Associate
Cell: 877-224-4266

Meet Steve
Michael Kulczyckyj
Michael Kulczyckyj

Title: Director of online sales/IT & Web Design
Cell: (800) 801-4186

Meet Michael

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