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Jordan Bock - Sales & Purchasing Manager @ Broco Supply

Jordan Bock's Bio:

Title: Sales & Purchasing Manager

Employeed since: 12/20/1999

Lives in: Harrisburg, PA

Specializes in:
Moulding and Millwork

Jordan's Posts

Jordan wrote: Builders!! Come in and look at these Beautiful entry Doors!! Great prices!!!
Posted 1:50:59 PM, 9/20/2011

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Jordan's Summary


I am Jordan Bock and I have worked for Broco Supply for 13 Years. I have been buying and selling surplus and excess inventory at Broco Supply since Dec, 2000. The first deal that I sold was a large deal on Sunglasses. There was appx a million pair!! After that, I was hooked. I really enjoy looking for deals and bringing them to my customers at the best possible price. I specialize in moulding and millwork, as well as doors, windows, plumbing and composite decking. These are just a few of the items we carry. I have really enjoyed working with my customers and co-workers keeping a good business relationship going.

I believe that trust is the key to all good business.

My interests include hunting, jet sking and hanging out with friends.
I own 2 stand-up jet skis and I feel like I work on them more then I ride them. It does give you a sense of accomplishment when you build something from the ground up, and then ride it. I like to go fast, so you can imagine the time I have into these skis.

I have lived in Harrisburg, Pa all of my life. I have a beautiful daughter named Madison!! I attended York Technical Institute. There I studied computer systems and marketing. Once I finished the program, I started an internship at a small internet company called Intellamark. All though I enjoyed my time there, I wasn't made to sit behind a desk and answer help desk calls my entire life. Because of this I inquired about a position at Broco Supply where I met the owner of the company Howard Hirsch. He took me under his wing and trained me in surplus and sales. Here I am 13 years later!!

If you are looking for product in the building materials industry or you have any excess product that you are looking to move, don't hesitate to give me a call.

Jordan Bock
Cell 717-648-5641

Contact Jordan:
  • Email:
  • Cell: (717) 648-5641
  • Desk: (877) 224-4266

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